Patient Sign-In

The team at Anchor has created a software for Health Care providers to replace their paper based Patient Sign in sheet with a very easy to use software tool that allows Patients to record their attendance by signing in using a touch screen i.e ipad/notepad, when they walk into a clinic.

The software has two components:

The first component is the Sign-In page that is used by the patient to Sign in by using a touch screen device i.e ipad/notepad. The screen on this device is intuitive and accepts some basic information about the patient to clearly identity the patient. The patient has the option to either write (scribble) on the screen to provide the information requested OR pick the option to use a key pad. Once the information is recorded, the patient is requested to take a seat.

The second component of this software is the Sign-Log. This web page is used by the administrative staff at the clinic who need to know about the patients who walk into the clinic and have signed in. This web page displays the recorded Sign In entry of all the patients. This page gives a simple view of all the patients and allows the administrative staff to update and add any information about the patient which may either not be legible or may not have been entered incorrectly by the patient. This page also provides a tally of total number of patients recorded. In case of duplicate entry, the admin is allowed to soft delete an entry. At the end of the day, the admin is allowed to create a pdf file for all the recorded entries for a particular day.

This software tool allows the clinic to replace the old mundane way of recording Patient Sign in and modernize the Patient Sign In process and make it completely digital.

This software is currently available in two languages. English and English/Chinese.